Help us stop the sale of puppy mills animals - send your letter now!

Local pet stores such as Safari Pet Center, Nature Pet Center and Animalerie Petland, sell animals from puppy and kitten mills, and unethical home breeders.

Please join the Union pour le respect des animaux (UPRA) in calling on local pet stores to end the sale of puppy mills animals. Let the companies know that you will not be setting foot in any of their stores until puppy mills animals are no longer part of the inventory. Spread the word by forwarding this alert to your friends and family members and asking them to speak up today.

Personalized letters always work best.
Feel free to use the following text, but your message will carry more weight if you write your own customized message.

Dear (name of store owner),

I will not be shopping at (name of store) until you stop selling animals from puppy and kitten mills, and I am telling all my friends and family to do the same. We know that animals from puppy and kitten mills are more likely to have physical ailments and emotional scars due to the lack of veterinary care and socialization, bad breeding, and poor conditions. We know that thousands of animals in crates are suffering daily in order to supply those pets behind store windows. We also know that pet stores purchase from improvised breeders commonly called "home breeders" in order to project a better image than what the puppy mill industry demonstrates. Responsible breeders do not sell animals through pet stores, because they want to personally meet and interview the person who will be caring for their animal.

Chains of pet stores like Petcetera, PetSmart and Mondou do not sell pets from puppy and kitten mills. Instead, through arrangements made with local animal rescue groups, these stores have set up a successful satellite pet adoption centre in each store. There is no excuse to buy pets from puppy or kitten mills, or unethical home breeders, while thousands of homeless animals are dying in shelters.

By partnering with local animal rescue groups and bringing their homeless pets to your stores to help find them loving homes, (name of store) would:

  • Increase the number of animals in the community who are sterilized, and, most important, sterilized before they can reproduce even once;
  • Demonstrate commitment to a popular local cause, thereby increasing business, goodwill, and positive public relations in the community for your store;
  • Receive free advertising and positive publicity through rescue group partners’ promotion, marketing, and press coverage;
  • Reduce the euthanasia rate of friendly adoptable animals within the community;
  • Help your community give much-needed exposure to very deserving animals from local animal welfare organizations;
  • Increase the number of potential buyers to your stores.

By partnering with local animal rescue groups, you are creating a win-win situation for your store, homeless animals and your community. (Name of store) would be not just adopting out animals, you would be selling an ethic of humane action and respect for life.


(Your name)

Send your letters to:

Jean Picard
Petland Québec
7400 Boul. Taschereau, bureau 115B
Brossard, Quebec
J4W 1M9

Stefan Rolf Hagen
Nature Pet Center
6361 Trans Canada Hwy.
Suite 119
Pointe Claire, Quebec
H9R 5A5

Robert Mullan
Safari Pet Store
6633A Boul. Taschereau
Brossard, Quebec
J4Z 1A7