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Meet some of our pet foster parents

"My children and I wanted a small pocket-type pet, but we weren't sure what kind and didn't want to buy one from a pet store.  I was curious about what fancy rats are like.  Now we are fostering four sweet baby rats and love them!  Rats are very sweet, intelligent, and playful.  We have found the experience extremely rewarding."

- Jennifer, foster parent of Stuart, Mr. Pip,
Zac, and Garcia

"I have often heard potential adopters say "I wish I could adopt ALL the kitties!" as they are introduced to the wide array of wonderful felines in the foster care system. I know the feeling! Fostering is how I can "adopt all the kitties!" I get to make many furry friends, each with their own personality and charm and I get to see them all get good homes. It's the best of both worlds for me."

- Muriel, foster parent of Maxamuffin

"My experience with Best Friends Pet Adoption has been very positive. They are very supportive and provide everything that I need for the dog. Pepsi is a very sweet dog!"

-Jeanne, foster parent of Pepsi

"I have had Bella and Bruno for two weeks, and it has been so much fun. My children and my other dogs are enjoying the fun of a puppy as well. Fostering a puppy involves some work, but the rewards of those puppy kisses or seeing them do those silly things that puppies do are great! My children are also learning a great life long lesson. They are learning how to give back and that every life counts, whether it be a human or a puppy!"

-Nicole, foster parent of Bella and Bruno

"My wife is the fundraiser coordinator for a local animal rescue group and they needed a foster home for this young dog, as all the foster homes were full. My wife and I could not bear the thought of him going to the pound, so we offered to foster - all the while wondering how we could pull this off with three dogs of our own! During the first few weeks there were some scuffles, but eventually "pack order" was established. Since then, Deacon has brought out the playfulness of our dogs, so at night, everyone goes to bed tired and without hesitation. Deacon quickly learned house manners from watching and interacting with our dogs. Because our animal rescue group does such an awesome job of finding the perfect forever homes for the animals in their program, we know that when Deacon leaves us, he will live in a loving home and we can be proud of our contribution in making that happen."

-Jim, foster parent of Deacon

"I saw the advertisement for fostering and thought it would be a good experience and that I'd try it, since I had been considering adopting anyway. I have been fostering Ramses for over a month now and have enjoyed the experience. He's such a sweet, loveable dog and can see how much he loves and appreciates having someone to come home to him everyday and play with him. He and my dog get along great and it has been a rewarding experience to see how happy he is, and to be able to give him a "home." Fostering has been a great experience and makes me feel good. I think any animal lover with some extra time and love should give it a try. Everyone in the organization has been very helpful and especially friendly."

-Heather, foster parent of Ramses

Kristin "I am a volunteer and foster parent for Carolina Pet Rescue. I have five wonderful ferrets that live with me until they can find their forever homes. Three of my ferrets are happy and healthy and two of my ferrets are happy but also have adrenal disease so they need some extra special care. It is very exciting to have five ferrets to care for. They are so energetic and love to come out of the cage and have lots of play time and love to interact with people. I have only been with Carolina Pet Rescue for a short time but I have really enjoyed my time with them and the joy of fostering."

-Kristin, foster parent of five ferrets


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