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Can a picture save a pet? Tips from Shelter-Me Photography

For a homeless animal, a great picture can mean the difference between life and death. Shelter-Me Photography's images have increased traffic to websites and facilities at every shelter, rescue and foster organization they have visited. Many have experienced dramatic increases in the rate and number of adoptions after posting our images (some as high as 100% for the animals we photographed!).

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Quick tips for taking good picture of pets from Shelter-Me Photography:

"Most times, I see people trying to take pictures when the animal is disoriented and confused, like on intake. Wrong idea. You have to get their attention with noises and sounds they will react to [squeaks, squeals, whistles, barks, yips, yaps, and yelps that get animals' attention during photo shoots].

Have help! Try to photograph the pets in open shade or with early morning or late evening sun behind you back and shinning straight on the animal. Have someone wearing a colorful blanket hold scared cats. Take a lot of shots to get a few good ones. Keep the background simple. Crop the photos to just the pet.

To reiterate:
Shoot photos low to the ground at the animal's level,
Keep the background clean (not distracting), and
Photograph dogs outside (both dog and background in shade).

See also Tips for photographing shelter cats and Tips on photographing shelter pets.

About Shelter-Me Photography: Shelter-Me Photography facilitates and accelerates the adoption process for homeless animals by offering free, professional photography services to animal shelter, rescue and foster organizations.

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