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About pet fostering
About strays and personal pets
About the Pet Foster Network
For animal rescue groups and shelters

About pet fostering
What is a pet foster parent?
Why are pet foster parents needed?
What are the joys of fostering?
Where are the pets that need foster homes?
Who should foster a pet?
How long is a foster period?
What happens if the pet doesn't get adopted? Do you end up having to keep it? How long do you keep it for?
Are there requirements people should be aware of before becoming pet foster parents?
What does it cost to foster a pet?
What kind of support will I get?
If I foster a pet, will I be able to take a vacation?
Will I get too attached to my foster pet?
Will I get an animal with behavior issues?
Will I have a say into who adopts my foster pet?
How do I see pets that are available to foster?
I already own a pet. Can I still foster?
Can I adopt the animal I foster?
How can I volunteer to become a pet foster parent?
I am less than 18 years old. Can I foster a pet?
I have chosen an organization I would like to foster for. What's next?
What happens after I fill out the Foster Application Form?
I do not live in North Carolina. Can I still foster a pet?
Can I read comments of pet foster parents?

About strays and personal pets
I am having personal problems and cannot care for my pets any longer. How can I find a foster home for my pets?
How can I find a foster home for a pet that I have found?
I am moving and cannot keep my pet. What can I do?
I am a military personel and I am leaving on duty. Can you help me find a foster home for my pet?
How can I find a new home for my personal pet?
I have found a lost or abandoned pet. How can I find him/her a new home?
I am expecting a baby. Does this mean I have to give up caring for my cat?
I am expecting a baby. Does this mean I have to give up caring for my dog?
I have allergies. Does this mean I have to give up caring for my pet?
Why shouldn't I advertise my pet as "Free To Good Home?"
How can I easily create a flyer for a pet that is up for adoption, has been lost or found?
How should I screen potential adopters?
Where can I find low-cost spay/neuter services in the Triangle?
There are feral cats in my neighborhood. What should I do?
Where can I find stray and feral cat spay/neuter services?
I wish to adopt a pet. Where can I find one?
My partner is abusing our pet and I need to leave. What should I do?
Defining animal cruelty in North Carolina: Knowing when to call the police or when to leave a letter

About the Pet Foster Network
I am using the foster locator and I have to select a minimum fostering commitment. What's that?
How can I spread the word about the joys and needs of pet fostering?
How do I get my elementary school to educate children about the responsibilities of pet ownership and the problem of pet overpopulation?

For animal rescue groups and shelters
How can we join the Pet Foster Network?
How can we post animals that need foster homes on "Foster Me"?
Can we copy your flyers?
What works in recruiting foster homes?
We would like to get grants and in-kind donations. Can you help us?
Do you have examples of foster care manuals, applications, and agreements?
How can we develop a successful foster program?

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